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Fifth Maine Regiment Museum

Fifth Maine Regiment Museum Facts

The house that now holds the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum was built in 1888 by veterans of the Fifth Maine and their families. The intended purpose of the building was to act as a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the regiment and as a summer retreat for the surviving members. Since 1954 the building and its contents have been maintained by the Fifth Maine Regiment Community Association, an all volunteer community group.

The Fifth Maine Regiment Museum's collection cover a wide diversity of subjects: the earliest pioneers to Peaks Island, the Fifth Maine Regiment; their artifacts and their flag, the heyday of Peaks Island tourism at the turn of the century, found treasures, and World War Two era Peaks.

Built in 1888 by the veterans of the Fifth Maine Regiment, the Queen Anne style house is notable especially for its memorial windows, which were hand blown flash glass and which had the names of the regiment's members inscribed on them. The building originally had fifteen sleeping rooms in the upper levels and a common dining area and several kitchenettes on the main level.

In 1978 the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum was listed on the National Register of Historic Place and in 1984 it was designated a Greater Portland Landmark.